front exit gate flowers summer 6-12-2003. Picture of the front left exit gate during the summer. 10-02-2003 picture of Bradford Homesuits Hotel. install walkway stepping stones 2inch line leaking at valve. replaced. New Chuys off William Canyon.  Start of Irrigation and Landscape project.  Picture showing one median with irrigation being installed. pic of sleeves before piping install more pics of property. showing empty medians before palm install, grass, and irrigation. equipment used to plant new palms at Chuys pic of irrigation install on new Chuys one of the longer irrigation runs.  drip installed ontop when finished natural area before tree install and irrigation pic of natural area before trees and irrigation added chuys parking lot before irrigation and trees wide shot parking lot line for tree bubblers front and natural area temp sign for new chuys site partial shots of lanscape and irrigation added and walkway shot around building, before landscaping added. close shot of building without stonework and landscaping new irrigation controller installed pic of front walkway at Chuys after our completed work. landscape, irrigation, and path courtesy of Hess Lawns wider view of front entrance.  completed work farther view from parking lot of completed work pic of new path and landscape.  front path and front entrance of completed work another shot from parking lot front left side of path of front entranceway.  well in the distance. another shot of front different angle.  completed work shot of middle path leading to front door shot of waiting area around well and path to outside patio another shot of well. different angle. shot of pathway leading to patio area. front. well not shown to left shot of right side of path leading to patio. more landscape shot of pathway and patio sitting area. shot of parking lot.  palm trees and grass and irrigation completed shot of front grass toward front entrance shot of left side of front landscape area shot of ET weather station and temp irrigation system for natural area backside of chuys area on trail. shot of temp irrigation system and new trees and palms installed another shot of backside of chuys. palms installed and temp irrigation system pathway around chuys leading to running trail another shot of trail going to natural area near barn shot of sitting area before new fence added and more drip irrigation and landscaping (not pictured) additions to patio area.  another drip station (not pictured) shot of trail running behind chuys shot of ET weather station behind chuys.  temp irrigation system shot of right side of chuys. palms and bike rack shot of right side entrance. trees and rotor station in back shot of right side landscaping. 2nd entrance on side
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